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About Ashleigh & Burwood

Thirty years ago, father and son duo John and Andrew Nettleton started business from the family kitchen table on a journey that would eventually take us and our fragrances around the world.

We are Ashleigh & Burwood - a home fragrance company created from a shared passion for scent. We are dedicated to bringing you premium quality home fragrance of style and substance, whether that's long-lasting Reed Diffusers, Candles engineered for the perfect burn or powerful, purifying Fragrance Lamps that have to be smelled to be believed. Offering enormous flexibility of choice, you will find the perfect scent for every occasion.

We draw inspiration for our fragrances from the world around us, from scents found in our local surroundings to exotic aromas inspired by distant places. Choose between the rolling hills of Britain, the souks of North Africa or the forests of Madagascar to create you perfectly scented home.